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          The Bai Long port underground sewage treatment plant will be completed next year. The prefabricated “building blocks” construction is the first one in the country

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          Shanghai Bai Long port Wastewater Treatment Plant, the largest sewage treatment plant in Asia, is undergoing upgrading. Among them, a 500,000 tons/day full underground sewage treatment plant will be built in the plant area. The reporter learned from the Shanghai Construction Engineering Second Construction Group, the contractor of the BLG-C3 standard, that the entire underground sewage treatment plant was capped during the year and is expected to be completed in December 2019.

          With the mature application of prefabricated technology in bridges and houses, the construction team introduced the technology to underground space engineering. Long Libo, chief engineer of Shanghai Construction Group, said that Bai Long Port's bidding renovation project is the first time in the country to use a large number of prefabricated structures in large underground spaces, using prefabricated "cross" two-dimensional column-beam joints and prefabricated panels  technology, this is also the first in the field of prefabricated construction in Shanghai. “With prefabricated panels, the construction workers will build the building blocks directly at the construction site, which will not only shorten the construction period, but also be green and environmentally friendly, reducing the dust in the construction site.”

          Guo Yanyi, chief engineer of the Fourth Engineering Company of Shanghai Construction Group, told the reporter that the application of prefabricated assembly technology to underground space engineering is not simply to put the prefabricated parts into the ground, but in the design stage, it is necessary to consider the construction materials. Durability, water resistance, resistance to soil pressure, etc., have many considerations for environmental factors. It is reported that after the completion of the underground sewage treatment plant, it will cover more than 2 meters of soil and plant greening, which will be more environmentally friendly and beautiful.




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