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          Innovative safety, beautiful ecology

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          1.Building energy-saving: Insulation of interior and exterior walls, Doors and Windows Curtain Wall, Doors and Windows Curtain Wall, Technical equipment;

          2.Prefabricated building and parts: Precast concrete structure, steel structure, modular building, wood structure, precast components production equipment and facilities;

          3.Internal and external wall system: Exterior wall decoration materials, exterior wall functional materials, External wall construction technology, Diatom ooze, Art paint, interior paint, wallpaper, Integrated wall, building glue, Beautify seam, technical equipment;

          4.Interior decoration: Ceiling, floor, villas, kitchen and bathroom, wood industry.

          5.Comfort systems: Heating technology, equipment and supporting materials, new energy equipment, solar energy utilization technology and equipment, pipe fittings, supporting materials, air purification, intelligent building electrical, building water supply and drainage system.

          6.Green building supply chain: purchaser and supplier service platform, supply chain management and monitoring system and software, green building materials intelligent manufacturing, supply chain related financial services, supporting logistics, logo certification, industry incubation, industry consulting services.

          Address:Floor 17, No. 8, Shengze Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai, China  200002

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          86-21-63730652   expojc1@expojc.com

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