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          Innovative safety, beautiful ecology

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          Theme Development Forums:

          1. The second Shanghai international prefabricated building wall development peak BBS

          The forum combines building energy conservation, assembly building and parts, and internal and external wall system. It focuses on how to systematically develop new wall materials in the process of building industrialization under the new situation. It also talks about the development trend of the industry.

          2. Forum on the Integration and Development of Urbanization and Assembled Architecture

          Focusing on actively promoting the construction of new urbanization and fully implementing the national strategy of "revitalizing the countryside", the Forum invites government departments, real estate developers, architectural design companies and Yangtze River Delta Architecture Association to participate in the process of standardizing the development of the industry and promoting the integration of assembly buildings into the new urbanization construction according to local conditions.

          3. Summit Forum on Green Architectural Design and Application of Wenlu Real Estate

          The forum, led by the Green Sustainable Development Assembled Building Industry Alliance, is the 2020 Peak Forum on Green Architectural Design and Application of Cultural and Tourism Real Estate. Guided by the sustainable development and policy support of the cultural and tourism industry, the forum invites the competent departments and practitioners of the industry to talk freely about the latest development trend of green building.


          Application Forum:

          1. BIM Basic Application Forum for Building Products

          2. Fabricated Architecture for Urban-Rural Integration and Development Forum

          3. Assembled Modern Wood Structure Building Technology Forum

          4. Summit Forum on Overall Solutions in the Field of Polymer Cement Mortar and Architectural Decoration

          5. Application of New Material Technology for Exterior Wall Exterior Insulation and Floor Insulation

          6. Assembled Architecture and the New Trend of Photovoltaic in the Future

          7. Summit on the Development of Architectural Acoustics Industry

          8. Foam Ceramics Industry Development Forum

          9. Starting Meeting and Design Salon of Creative Design Competition for Characteristic Greening

          10. Application Technology Forum of Integrated External Wall Panel in Assembled Buildings

          11. Assembly Decoration Industry Forum

          Address:Floor 17, No. 8, Shengze Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai, China  200002

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          86-21-63730652   expojc1@expojc.com

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