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          Innovative safety, beautiful ecology

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          1. With the National Exhibition Group as the main form of exhibition, importers and exporters at home and abroad flock together.

          2. Thousands of invitations are addressed to consulates, trade promotion agencies, business organizations and relevant foreign trade associations one by one.

          3. Through television, radio, newspaper, network, mobile media, subway, building materials stores advertising and other channels for agents, distributors, real estate developers and construction units and other professionals to push the exhibition information in an all-round way.

          4. Through more than 200 top quality cooperative media (building materials, real estate professional websites, magazines and newspapers), the exhibition will be pushed to everyone.

          5. New media channels such as Weixin, Weibo, Mobile App, Baidu Search and so on superimpose communication channels, timely transmission of exhibition information trends, the first time to communicate with architectural design institutes, real estate developers.

          6. The multi-format and multi-session conference activities and summit forums attract the attention, participation and interaction of the industry, improve the project docking around the current hot market, and create a high-end technology exchange platform.

          7. 300,000 large professional audience database, through the network call center, peer-to-peer invitation, hundreds of millions of business opportunities.

          8. All-round resources of Shanghai Design Group and Design Institute have been strongly supported and cooperated by Tsinghua University, Tongji University, Southeast University and Southwest Jiaotong University.

          9.The government functional departments absolutely support and organize. The housing and construction departments, construction committees, energy-saving offices and construction associations all over the Yangtze river delta work together to make the first green building trade platform!

          Address:Floor 17, No. 8, Shengze Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai, China  200002

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          86-21-63730652   expojc1@expojc.com

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